ADLER Solar Services GmbH

ADLER Solar Services GmbH

Our Central Repair Service

The repair centre in Bremen is your best choice when large numbers of modules need to be inspected as well as repaired or overhauled. For example as part of quality assurance measures for brand-new models or in case of large solar plants in need of a general overhaul.The technical equipment, human resource capacity and short distances make for automated processes, fostering a high efficiency and fast processing while – even in case of large quantities – maintaining our high quality standards. And because our test and logistics centre is in the same block of buildings, all measures before and after the repair – such as delivery and shipment, labelling, barcode generation and packing as well as testing and temporary storage upon request – can be perfectly integrated into the process.

  • Logistics management with schedule management, warehouse and transport management
  • Warehousing of components and parts in own logistics centre
  • Consignment and packaging
  • National and international delivery with goods tracking

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