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Power Generation Services


Through cogeneration, electrical power and high-temperature heat are generated simultaneously, and both are used in industrial processes, an energy efficiency solution promoted by Abengoa. Thus, using biomass, natural gas or industrial waste, heat and electricity are generated to be used in industrial processes, with the surplus being sold to the grid.

  • Wind power: following several years of inactivity in this sector, Abengoa has once again taken up wind power activity by participating in construction, operation and maintenance of four wind parks with an installed power output capacity of 114MW.
  • Cogeneration: simultaneously producing electrical power and high-temperature heat for use in industrial processes. This energy efficiency solution is promoted by Abeinsa.
  • Hybrid ISCC stations: these are solar-gas hybrid technology-based power stations that combine solar energy and conventional power to produce clean, efficient energy.
  • Hydroelectric plants: plants which make use of water resources.

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