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The WaveSub has the potential to substantially reduce the costs associated with energy generation from waves. MPS has completed two Phases of the development of the technology and is currently undertaking Phase 3: Design, Build and Testing of a ¼ scale prototype.

Phase One

Phase 1 delivered a proof of principle prototype device that has undergone successful sea trials and energy generation tests at the world renowned National Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC) in Newcastle. The operating principles and ability to generate energy were proven by this prototype.

Phase Two

Phase 2 was a detailed desk engineering project to evaluate the cost of energy that the WaveSub is likely to deliver. This project comprised: an energy generation simulation exercise, design feasibility and costings of all parts of the WaveSub structure, installation and systems; and the costing of a maintenance plan for the WaveSub.

Phase Three

Phase 3 will see Marine Power Systems design, build and test a ¼ scale prototype at sea. This phase is underway, with the detailed design currently taking place. MPS have selected a number of industry expert project partners and subcontractors who are integral to delivering this phase.

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