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Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources in the legal meaning are those, which use energy of wind, sun, wave, streams, flows, rivers, geothermal energy, biomass, landfill gas, sewage sludge biogas and biogas from decomposition of biowaste and energy crops.

NILU Polska is focused on bioenergy understood as all technologies based on conversion of biomass to energy and particularly on anaerobic digestion process applied in biogas plants.

We have got up-to-date databases of biogas technology suppliers that offer different kinds of biogas technology (wet and dry, mezophilic and thermophilic, and much more). Our experience may be useful for elaboration or verification of investment plan. Due to cooperation with selected technology providers from Denmark, Finland and Germany, we can find the best solution for investor resources and needs. We are also interested in thermal conversion of biomass – gasification and pirolysis. The market of these technologies is in dynamic growth. We try to monitor the development of this market.

Another market we watch is generation of liquid biofuels. Particularly the II generation technologies are very interesting and we check their commercial availability and economical feasibility.

We also take care of process of primary energy conversion to useful form of energy, particularly to ensure high efficiency in power generation. There are many solutions dedicated to various scale of the project, e.g. gas turbines and microturbines, steam turbines, piston gas engines, organic Rankine cycles, Stirling engines, fuel cells.

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