Renewable Energy Testing Services


Ocean Wave & Marine Current Energy Testing Capabilities. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) collaborates with research institutions and industry on testing wave and current energy systems at Ohmsett. Our wave and towing test tank is available for R&D and testing of large to full-scale equipment processes for ocean wave and current technologies.

The Ohmsett test tank is equipped with three movable bridges with tow speeds of up to 6 knots, programmable to 1/100th knot increments to simulate ocean current flow. The robust tow bridges are able to accommodate the torque and forces of the largest current turbines and wave energy converter (WEC) equipment. The Control Tower is fully computerized and data from various sensors and video cameras are collected for synthesis and analysis.

Support facilities at Ohmsett include a machine shop that provides a complete range of materials, fabrication and welding services to support testing. We have the ability to lift various devices with the availability of a 75-ton crane and an onsite deck crane that can lift up to 1500 lbs with a 42-foot reach. A vast amount of indoor and outdoor work space can be found here to prepare and modify test equipment. There is an on-site chemistry laboratory and a complete meteorological station for continuous weather measurements.

Wave Making Capabilities

  • Programmable amplitude, frequency and wavelength
  • 59 cm height (H 1/3   at 7 meter wavelength)
  • 83 cm height (H 1/3   irregular waves) 
  • Wavelengths up to 30 meters
  • Wave damping beach system

Sensors & Instrumentation

  • Wave height altimeters
  • Wave height - capacitance probes
  • Pressure transducers
  • Acoustic ranging
  • Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter
  • Load and strain gauges
  • Torquemeter

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