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BLAZE HARMONY has long focused on research and development in the field of biomass combustion. Especially in the field of pyrolysis boilers, the resulting products significantly differ from conventional solutions, offering users savings and convenience. An innovative rotary burner solution for the combustion of pellets of varied quality and agro-pellets, coupled with a pyrolytic boiler, offers the most versatile solution for biomass combustion in the Hybrid BIOMASS boiler.

A team of experienced designers from all fields, as well as cooperation with accredited laboratories and universities, guarantees a wide range of information from the field. State of the art testing laboratories enable the performance of thorough tests and the analysis of various fuels, as well as the design of optimal technical solutions using this information.

This results in innovative solutions in the area of biomass combustion, which are patented.

We are already working on other exciting projects that will further expand the possibilities of biomass combustion.

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