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HIG is currently working on developing the following issues, in cooperation with various international partners: Construction concepts for affordable housing. CES: Collective Energy Supply for ECO-villages, neighborhoods, and individual dwellings (clusters). Developing hydrogen units with the surplus of energy that arises from using the VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine). Development for buffering/storing large amounts of energy. Compact Energy box with 3000kWh capacity. Development of Water Electrolysis systems. Cooperation with Science parc Oostende, Belgium (Green Bridge / Power-Link / Gent University).

Energy Storage: isn’t just for AA batteries any more. Thanks to investments energy storage may soon play a bigger part in our electricity grid, and help enable the increased generation of renewable electricity. Producing renewable electricity is most commonly associated with wind and solar power. Although these power sources are clean and renewable sources of electricity, they can also be unreliable since they don’t produce any power when it gets dark or the wind stops blowing.

As these power sources become more important to our energy economy, so does investment in technologies that allow energy producers, such as utilities, to store energy that is generated when the sun shines and the wind blows. This stored energy can then be released as needed, providing a continuous flow of clean energy during periods of high demand or when wind and solar energy is unavailable.

Today’s electricity grid -- the interconnected network that delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers -- has virtually no storage. New technologies could enable the storage of vast amounts of electricity anywhere on the grid across the countries. Improved methods for storing and dispatching electricity would enable the increased use of renewable electricity generation while maintaining high reliability in electric supply.

Beyond enabling the increased use of renewable electricity generation, improved energy storage technologies have several benefits:

  • Security: A more efficient grid that is more resistant to disruptions.
  • Environment: Decreased carbon dioxide emissions from a greater use of clean electricity.
  • Economy: Increase in the economic value of wind and solar power and strengthened U.S. competitiveness in the clean energy race.
  • Jobs: New income sources for rural landowners and tax revenues for wind and solar development areas. 
  • More jobs in supporting sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, construction, transportation and finance.

HIG is developing new systems with his international partners in order to fulfill this demand of storage.

The concept is applicable to:

  • Destroying bacteria, fungi and all trace elements contained in the ambient air for crops and/or plants and/or vegetables without the use of chemical biocides that are harmful to humans, animals, plants, and nature in general. Results and testing indicate that the appropriate technology is better and more robust than the currently existing chemical biocides that pose extremely harmful consequences for humans, animals, plants, and nature.
  • Water supply in places where drinking water companies are not present with their network or logistics (third world) and where drinking water is urgently needed. The importance of potable water is indescribable and is deemed the blue gold of the future.
  • The concept is also applicable to locations affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, and other unusual weather conditions. By utilizing the WATER project and ENERGY project, HADDA INTERNATIONAL GROUP has developed a container that can serve as a Rapid Deployment Unit in places where eligible. There are no constraints, such as geographical location, infrastructure, and other troublesome conditions for deploying the system. With the concept of Water, Energy and an Individual Power Unit, the daily requirement of energy and pure drinking water in crisis areas can be provided immediately.

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