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Reutilisation of Materials from Energy Production and Industry



We are prepared to assume overall responsibility for our customer's waste management. This includes cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions for by-product streams. Typical recoverable materials include fibre clay, various sediments and sludges, power plant base and fly ash, foundry dusts, steel, dressing and abrasive sands, as well as various coarse crushed aggregate. We primarily utilise by-products in our current activities, such as soil remediation, groundwater protection, waste management processes and landfill management. Some by-products can be recovered as soil conditioners.

The characteristics and processing needs of ash and slag depend on the fuel and incineration process. Base ash, fluidized bed sand and slag collected from an incineration boiler are coarse-grained and easier to process further than the finer fly ash and gas purification waste collected from a flue gas channel.

Ash is classified as either standard or hazardous waste. Slag classified as standard waste is used in construction, including in the foundation of field structures and anti-noise bunds. Ash unsuitable for reutilisation is treated and delivered for final disposal at the landfill located in the vicinity of the treatment plant.

Ekokem accepts deliveries of damped ash at its reception centres in the form of ship cargo, tank lorry shipments and special-container shipments, and in jumbo bags. We employ a dust-free unloading method for all such options.

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