Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. (AWSL)

Service & Maintenance Services of Wind and Solar Parks


Service and maintenance are just as important as choosing the right renewable energy system. Therefore, it is imperative that our clients' recognize that we view the delivery of a modern energy solution as the beginning of a close partnership that will last over the next 20 years, or more.

Any new renewable energy power plant today represents a long-term investment, and we realize that trouble-free production is crucial for achieving a satisfactory Return-On-Investment.
This is why we choose to use some of the highest quality renewable energy products available today.

The quality of products we implement ensure optimal operation and performance, whereby minimizing the amount of time our energy parks are not producing power.

All of the products we deploy meet the highest quality certifications and standards, reducing potential 'efficiency drop off' over extended periods of time.

Our products come backed with full warranties. In conjunction to our own personal guarantee, our associated partners offer secondary extended guarantees- again, insuring our clients' maximum ROI.

It is vital that our clients and partners maintain the maximum amount of confidence in us, our reputation and our credibility.

It is this commitment to EXCELLENCE that is propelling Atlantic Wind & Solar to the forefront of the True Growth Industry of the 21st. Century.

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