Opal Energies GmbH.


With 8 years of experience in storage and transshipment, Opal is almost genetically dedicated to safety and customer service. Total commitment to our customers’ success has resulted in excellent long-term relationships with them.

The continuing growth and the increasing scale of its activities make Opal an attractive partner for our international and regional customers. The wide range of storage and handling services which we offer on a global scale include, amongst others:
Conditioned storage;
Heating and/or cooling of stored products;
Product blending to customer specifications;
Product transfer (from and to trains and road tankers, from ship-to-ship);

We provide these services for oil products, chemicals, biofuels, vegetable oils and liquefied gasses (including LNG).

Continuous service improvement
Opal develops its services, with product, market and functional requirements in mind, always in close collaboration with customers and strategic partners. Therefore, key to our strategy is an ongoing dialogue with our customers. After all, we can only provide excellent customer service if we are fully aware of our customers’ wishes and requirements.

In addition to our daily customer contact, each year we collect customer feedback via our Global Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey offers us the opportunity to adjust commercial plans and initiate specific improvement actions in line with our customers’ requirements and needs. In this way, our customers largely define the initiatives we take to further improve our relations with them. In addition, we keep training our staff to sharpen their service focus.

Opal´s aim is clear: we want to grow together with our customers. On the basis of market research and by mapping worldwide and regional customer needs we want to strengthen our leading position. To be the fastest growing independent tank storage company and bio-diesel fuel company  in selected markets we will:
•    improve and expand existing terminals;
•    develop terminals at new locations;
•    collaborate with and acquire companies;
•    build and adjust terminals for new products and markets, such as LNG and biofuels production.
Current projects under construction will add 6.7 million cubic meters (cbm) of storage capacity. The completion of these expansion projects will result in a worldwide storage capacity of more than 33 million cbm as per the end of 2016.

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