Geo-Air Industries inc.


Our range of services cater to geothermal stakeholders that recognise a particular need for applied knowledge and expertise in the field. As our tools have evolved with the on going changes in the geothermal industry, we are able to step up to the plate and complete those very unique tasks in order to comply with the site engineers' specifications, particularly for LEED projects. We are either first distributors or actual manufacturers of most of our products, thus eliminating inflated costs. Bottom line, the products we offer will satisfy the needs of design engineers, well drillers, plumbers and inevitably the end client.

  • Geothermic System (mechanical room) Factory Pre-Assembly
  • Custom Built Geothermic Vault (concrete wall) Factory Pre-Assembly
  • Commercial and Resdential Purge Unit Manufacture (Flush Carts)
  • 3-D Mechanical Room Digital Design
  • Heat Transfer Fluid Concentration and Flow Rate Analysis
  • Geothermic System Commissioning Supervision and Troubleshooting

  • EZ-Snaps Ground Loop Pipe Spacers
  • Geo-Degree Heat Transfer Fluid
  • Silica Free Jetmag 60B2GEO Sand by OLIMAG
  • Custom Designed Headers and Manifolds
  • Geo Purge Flush Carts
  • Custom Built Geothermic Vault

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