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Green Power Labs Inc.

Site Suitability Assessment


At Green Power Labs we focus on bridging the gap between solar technologies and their efficient deployment by providing impartial, thorough analysis of a site's suitability for use of solar thermal or electrical generation technologies.When we assess suitability of a building for solar energy generation, we gather detailed site-specific information and comprehensive solar climatology data. We consider geographical factors (latitude and altitude), positioning and architecture, and existing obstructions to solar radiation (both natural like relief or surrounding vegetation, and man-made obstructions). This site specific analysis and our comprehensive knowledge of best practices in solar technology and engineering support a client's decision on whether to - and how to - use clean energy technologies.


For clients with multiple buildings, the site suitability assessment can be used to create a priority listing for installation of solar technology. And as the cost and efficiency of solar technologies improves updating assessment reports is simple; an important consideration in supporting long term energy planning.

Site suitability assessments build a solid foundation for a client's decision-making whether they intend to 'go solar' today or are building their understanding for tomorrow.

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