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Solar Energy Research


The development of high-efficiency and cost-saving thin-film solar cells is in the focus of our fundamental research efforts. Compared to conventional cells based on Si-wafer technology, the thickness of light absorbing layers in thin-film cells is typically 100 times smaller. Such cells comprise novel materials, e.g., copper-indium-sulfide (CIS) and organic semiconductors, as well as already established absorbers such as silicon.

Fundamental research at the HZB aims at providing a solid knowledge-base of all processes that determine the function of solar cells, e.g., regarding the generation and transport of charges. Further targets include developing novel photovoltaic materials, cell architectures, and production processes. A related field of research at the HZB concerns solar fuels for efficient energy storage. Researchers at the HZB are committed to employ new fundamental knowledge for realizing prototype next-generation solar cells to enable innovative technologies in cooperation with industry partners.

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