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CENERGIA’s employees have more than twenty years’ experience of development, test, planning and follow-up on solar energy systems. CENERGIA has participated in development of solar collectors and storage tanks and has planned a large number of small and large solar heating systems, including for municipal old peoples’ homes. CENERGIA has experience of both water and airborne solar heating systems and systems with interseasonal heating storage.

Within the PV field (PV = photovoltaic that is direct transformation of sunlight to electricity), Cenergia works in a number of projects with integration of PV-modules in the weather screen of a building - roof and facades. CENERGIA is initiator of the EU-JOULE project PV-VENT, where an international cooperation team examines and demonstrates the possibilities of utilising PV-modules to run ventilation systems.

Passive solar heating is utilisation of solar energy for heating through deliberate design and orientation of buildings. As the building construction is included as a storage for the solar energy, the design has to be optimised by use of a dynamic simulation programme where the temperature in the building can be calculated hourly. To obtain the best possible utilisation of the passive solar heating it is important to take this into consideration very early in the planning process.

CENERGIA has participated in the preparation of BPS-directions and Northern and international planning manuals within the solar energy field.

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