Balfours Environmental Consultants Limited (BECL)

Balfours Environmental Consultants Limited (BECL)

Solar Heat

The time for solar heat panels has now arrived. Oil and gas prices have been rising with the depletion of North Sea reserves, meaning the UK will have to rely heavily on imports. The Renewable Heat Incentive recommends 18p per kW paid for twenty years for solar heat systems. Additionally, with an increase in the volume of installations, prices are reducing. Solar heat can be provided by evacuated tubes or flat panel systems - flat panel systems are generally preferred.

Installing solar heat on existing properties should be relatively straightforward. Apart from the external visible solar panels a new hot water cylinder with heat exchange coils is necessary. The sun’s radiation heats the solar fluid (glycol) in the panels. This in turn heats the water as it passes through the coils in the cylinder. At certain times of year this may need boosting to provide water at a warm enough temperature for a bath.

This is an effective solution for many house holds – not only will they be paid 18p per kW of heat generated, but they can also generate 50% – 70% of a home’s hot water requirements for the lifetime of the system which should be a minimum of twenty years and could be much longer.

We will ensure that a system will only be installed in a property which is in a suitable location, that it is the best system for you and that it is sited appropriately. Our installation partners are MCS accredited and will install approved products to the highest standards.

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