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The most common question we hear from customers at Glenergy is, ‘What size of system, or how much solar, do we need to power ?’ Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer! But, if it can be done with solar, we can do it.

The alternative energy system design process begins with a careful evaluation of energy needs. It is important to be thorough and realistic when estimating your energy consumption because the size and cost of a system are directly dependent on the amount of energy that the system will need to provide.

Some important questions to ask are:

  1. What will the system be powering? (Lights, TV, Pump, Refrigerator, Fans, etc)
  2. How will daily, weekly, and annual usage vary?
  3. Where exactly will the system be used?

Your location and the time of the year that the system will be used are very important. Hours of effective full sun can vary tremendously during the year and from place to place.

At the beginning of the system design process, it is necessary to examine the various items that will require energy from the future system and to determine their total consumption. Understanding your energy consumption will be essential  in designing a system of an appropriate size. Loads may include anything from lights and stereos to microwave ovens. When exploring each of your loads, consider the following:

  • Does the item require AC or DC power?
  • What is the total wattage of the item? 

Once you know which electrical items you want to use, and how and when you want to use them, it is time to do a rough system design estimate. Contact Glenergy via either phone, email or drop-in with the above information and we will be able to help you determine the sizes of the various solar components. From the rough estimate we will work with you to detail the design with makes, models and prices for the various items needed. At this point we will need more information from you, such as the distance from the solar panel to the charge controller.

We do not do installation ourselves, but we can assist your electrician or contractor if they are unfamiliar with solar systems.

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