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Solar Turbines Parts Services


Our focus is to help your business power the world by providing the parts you need with Shop Solar.

Our trained parts professionals located across the globe provide customers with the following support:

  • In-depth knowledge of your product
  • 24/7 support
  • Quick responses to outages
  • Optimizes stocking level to ensure part availability
  • Minimizes your costs
  • Prevents unplanned downtime
  • On-time delivery
  • Customized packaging and parcel handling available

Parts Applications Engineers work directly with customers in their time and space. This team develops customized parts strategies tailored to your needs, such as budget, inventory optimization, equipment availability, reliability and help with lead time constraint items.

Solar enhances the reliability of our parts with cutting-edge technology to extend the lifecycle of your gas turbine and compressor. Using environmentally sustainable practices, Solar restores worn components through differentiated technology to make remanufactured service parts. Learn more about the benefits of Solar's remanufactured parts.

Available Anytime. Anywhere.

Register today to submit quotes with your customized pricing from anywhere, any time on any device. View the original parts list for your Solar Turbines equipment and keep parts organized in convenient lists for fast quoting and purchasing. With Shop Solar, you can upload a list of parts and shop with just a few clicks. Start Shopping with 500,000 Solar Parts now!

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