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Utility Solar Plant Operations & Maintenance

Plant operations and maintenance is a service that will have a large impact on performance. A strong operations plan will make performance and maintenance more efficient.

The early detection of possible plant issues and the ability to create “predictive” maintenance schedules based on the data collected will mean a more cost-effective operations budget. Services in plant operations include:

  • Monitoring the Plant
  • Fault and Failure Diagnostics, Corrective Action Planning
  • Plant Operation and Control
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Document Management


As plants become more integrated with the various utilities, the ability to provide plant control to satisfy the requirements of the utilities becomes very important. Reacting quickly, with resources, is very important in performing these requirements. An operations center, capable of taking on these services and also complying with all governmental requirements (FERC/NERC/ WECC and all U.S. Regional Entities) creates an environment where large portfolios can be managed across many locations.

MaxGen focus on three items that allow for predictive maintenance plans, thus allowing for better budget management. These items are mean time to repair (MTTR), spare parts usage, and re-occurring issues. Most importantly, a root cause analysis is performed on every issue. Typical onsite maintenance items include preventative maintenance, corrective and reactive maintenance, onsite trouble shooting and issue resolution, spare parts management, and warranty service fulfillment.

Additional Utility Plant services would include:

  • Independent System Commissioning
  • Third-Party Review
  • On-Site Support
  • Re-Commissioning
  • OEM Certified Services
  • Performance Analysis and Reporting
  • Component Tagging and Tracking
  • Firmware Upkeep
  • Maintenance Records
  • Manufacturer Technical Notices and Recalls

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