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Water is a key element in the move towards sustainable and renewable energy supply. With the international efforts to meet the Kyoto Protocol and to lower the global CO2 emissions, water is a key resource along with wind. In adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate change, energy is essential and these measures will require large amounts of water. The water consumption will both include water for first generation bio-fuel production and water losses from hydropower reservoirs etc.

The change in the water regimes due to climate changes has severe consequences for the future planning. Water development may, however, also require a lot of energy through desalination and large scale pumping, resulting in increased greenhouse gas emissions. For these reasons the issue of energy is vital for the future adaption of climate change. Currently the energy is largely depending on fossil fuels, however advancements are made in the water and wind power.

DWF is supporting research is the area of water and energy as well as projects both in Denmark and internationally.

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