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ARIA Wind is a tool for planning of wind farms and forecasting production during operation. Based on the evaluation of available energy resources it can be used for assessment of wind power potential, optimization of the design of the farm and determination of the variability of the energy production. By using real time connection of meteorological forecasting data it also enables the supply of reliable forecasts of the production of the turbines. ARIA Wind is a 3D model using wind fields adapted to wind power applications, integrating data on meteorology (arbitrary number of stations and types), topography (even complex), land-use and obstacles.

Calculation and optimization of wind farm

  • At regional scale : To provide a cartography of wind potential and define the best sites for wind energy production.
  • At local scale : To define the pertinent implantation for the more convenient type of turbines. Precise calculation of each wind turbine production (kWh/year).

  • Accurate 3D wind fields over complex terrain.
  • Arbitrary number and type of input meteorological data ( no or several surface stations, wind profiles…)
  • Reliability of the results (validation campaign)
  • Link with  ARIA LOCAL  for micrositting application

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