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- Version v4.0 - Energy Management Basic Edition Software



Having equipped with the most required solutions, AVReporter Basic is one of the most popular editions and can be used comfortably for local sites. This edition has increased connectivity (OPC Connection), improved reporting facilities and provides more options for customisation.

Supported Languages and Localization:

  • Easy to manage multi-language environment
  • Incorporate branding strategy (logo, colour scheme, etc.)
  • Cost and billing function in different currencies

Online software registration, update and support:

  • Download from Component Store (drivers, template components, etc.)
  • Online language package upgrade

Connectivity to data sources:

  • Connecting to Modbus devices - number of device licences are unlimited (Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, ION Power Meters, Satec Power Meters, Phoenix Contact, GE, Socomec Power Meters, etc.)
  • Calculation with Real-time data
  • Support Powerlogic SMS, ION Enterprise, Struxtureware databases
  • Connecting to OPC server (Matrikon, Kepware, Schneider Electric, Siemens, etc.)
  • Modelling and forecasting calculation from historical data (regression analysis, demand calculation, etc.)

Visualization of Real-time data and control functions:

  • Visualization of Real-time data (desktop, web)
  • Control function in desktop environment
  • Control via web environment
  • Control via mobile tool (Android, WP 7 & 8)
  • Creating and editing real-time surfaces via Web

Alarm functions:

  • Simple alarm handling functions (e-mail, alarm table)
  • Improved alarm system in desktop environment
  • Improved alarm system in web based environment
  • Improved alarm system in mobile environment (Android, WP7 & 8)

Reporting and Dashboard functions:

  • Simple report creation (desktop and web)
  • Simple dashboard creating by gadgets
  • Complex report creating function used by wizards (desktop and web)
  • Complex dashboard creating functions (interactive user interface)
  • Integrated data visualization on one surface (real-time and historic dashboard - desktop and web)
  • Creating individual reports by programming
  • Creating individual reports by embedded report editor (use complex calculation from data source)

Database management and access permission:

  • Multi-User and Security Access Level Management (Desktop and Web)
  • Multi-User and Security Access Level Management (Mobile devices - Android, WP7 & 8)
  • Database Security Access Level Management (Users can be limited to individual buildings or organizational levels, etc.)
  • Supporting TeamWorking (comprehensive project management)

Accessibility/ Mobility:

  • Supported several Internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Google, Safari, Opera)
  • Tablet Client (Android)
  • Windows 8 Tablet PC touch screen tools
  • Supported access via mobile devices (mobile client)

Typical structure of AVReporter Basic application:

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