KONsys International

- Version v4.0 - Energy Management Intermediate Edition Software



The Intermediate edition is recommended for end-users, who also wish to connect to external data sources, advanced virtual meters and optionally redundant OPC Servers.

Supported Languages and Localization:

  • Easy to manage multi-language environment
  • Incorporate branding strategy (logo, colour scheme, etc.)
  • Cost and billing function in different currencies

Online software registration, update and support:

  • Download from Component Store (drivers, template components, etc.)
  • Online language package upgrade

Connectivity to data sources:

  • Connecting to Modbus devices - number of device licences are unlimited(Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, ION Power Meters, Satec Power Meters, Phoenix Contact, GE, Socomec Power Meters, etc.)
  • Calculation with Real-time data
  • Support Powerlogic SMS, ION Enterprise, Struxtureware databases
  • Connecting to OPC server (Matrikon, Kepware, Schneider Electric, Siemens, etc.)
  • Modelling and forecasting calculation from historical data (regression analysis, demand calculation, etc.)
  • Database calculation with historic data (Pre-calculation with source data)
  • Comprehensive data integration functions into the corporate and production management system

Visualization of Real-time data and control functions:

  • Visualization of Real-time data (desktop, web)
  • Control function in desktop environment
  • Control via web environment
  • Control via mobile tool (Android, WP 7 & 8)
  • Creating and editing real-time surfaces via Web

Alarm functions:

  • Simple alarm handling functions (e-mail, alarm table)
  • Improved alarm system in desktop environment
  • Improved alarm system in web based environment
  • Improved alarm system in mobile environment (Android, WP7 & 8)

Reporting and Dashboard functions:

  • Simple report creation (desktop and web)
  • Simple dashboard creating by gadgets
  • Complex report creating function used by wizards (desktop and web)
  • Complex dashboard creating functions (interactive user interface)
  • Integrated data visualization on one surface (real-time and historic dashboard - desktop and web)
  • Creating individual reports by programming
  • Creating individual reports by embedded report editor (use complex calculation from data source)

Database management and access permission:

  • Multi-User and Security Access Level Management (Desktop and Web)
  • Multi-User and Security Access Level Management (Mobile devices - Android, WP7 & 8)
  • Database Security Access Level Management (Users can be limited to individual buildings or organizational levels, etc.)
  • Supporting TeamWorking (comprehensive project management)
  • Support of different databases (MySQL, Oracle, etc.)

Accessibility/ Mobility:

  • Supported several Internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Google, Safari, Opera)
  • Tablet Client (Android)
  • Windows 8 Tablet PC touch screen tools
  • Supported access via mobile devices (mobile client)

Typical structure of AVReporter Intermediate application:

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