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- Version v4.0 - Mobile Client App



The AVReporter Mobile Client has been developed to aid the work of the technical staff by providing real-time information about their measurement points and data concentrators, visualizing them on a unified tablet interface. The software comes with an easy-to-learn, customizable interface, supporting both tablet and mobile phone android operating systems as from version 2.2.

  • Quick and easy operation to create custom dashboards on the go.
  • Real-time measurement value display: AVR Mobile Client is able to display the real-time measurement values like Active Powers, Currents, Active/Reactive Energies, and Gas Consumptions etc.
  • Controlling switches and manual inputs: The software allows the input of manual value entries into the devices (controlling temperatures, powers), turn on/off switches (protection relays).
  • Browsing Active and Historical alarms: The interface helps maintenance staff to easily browse their AVReporter alarms on the go, allowing immediate reaction to the events.

The Mobile Client is complimentary for unlimited number of users with any AVReporter EM software bought.

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