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Powerful software for the complex requirements in energy data management gas. Current market requirements, e.g. format changes, are implemented contemporary in BelVis EDM GAS. It supports the handling of standard load profiles gas in accordance with current guidelines, the management of balancing group and framework contracts, nomination and allocation, calculation of differences and reconciliation values, and much more. Interfaces to common gas meters and remote meter reading are of course available. BelVis has the capability for market communication in EDIFACT and further international formats. A fall-back on external providers for the handling of market communication is made superfluous by BelVis.

The data model in BelVis EDM GAS: market-conform and close to reality

New roles and contractual relationships emerge for the market participants all along. All of the specialist knowledge of BelVis EDM GAS is contained in the master data of the individual instances, their assignments, and in the time series stored in them. The BelVis data model interlinks the market participants and their contractual relationships with the gas networks and their physical characteristics. Gas year and gas day are of course considered throughout.

Your benefits with BelVis EDM GAS

  • Mapping of the standard tasks of system   operators, suppliers, BGMs – ‘out of the box’
  • Comprehensive configurability allows for application in all situations
  • 10 years experience in the gas market
  • User-specific standard graphs for the quick visualisation of complex issues
  • Extensive analysis methods for time series data
  • Integrated EDIG@S communication
  • Support for all file formats and therefore the ability to exchange data with virtually any system
  • Capability for integration into virtually any IT environment and connection to any data capture and billing systems
  • Continuous and prompt adjustment to current market rules
  • Periodic software updates are included in the maintenance contract and can be carried out in-house by the administrator
  • BelVis EDM as basis for the BelVis Suite can be incrementally expanded with additional modules for e.g. portfolio management, optimisation, forecasting, and risk management.
  • Investment security: More than one third of players in the German gas market have already implemented the solution.

Its gas management processes and algorithms make BelVis EDM GAS an ideal support solution for day-to-day business.

High flexibility in the application of load profile data

BelVis applies the load profile data from remote meter reading systems of metered extraction or feeding points. In the gas sector, these are customers with registering flow measurement at hourly intervals or measurements at network interconnection and feeding points. BelVis not only works well with all common RMR systems, but also with meter service providers.

Powerful plausibility checks for various verifications 

Plausibility checks of the acquired data are indispensable for daily business processes. BelVis offers a selection of reports for that particular purpose: The status report verifies the completeness of the expected values. 

A throughput check monitors minimal and maximal thresholds. The allocation check determines the plausibility of allocated quantities based on the quantities of the previous days and weeks. Even the declaration lists can be checked for consistency.

Reconciliation Calculations

The basis of reconciliation calculations for standard load profiles and PM metering points is on the one hand the collected usage data of retroactive customers, which is collated in regular meter readings and apportioned per day on the basis of standard load profiles, and on the other hand the allocated and corrected energy values of metered customers.

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