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Powerful software support for energy data management in the power sector. BelVis energy data management (BelVis EDM) for the energy sector is the base system for system operators, the balance group manager (BGM) and the contractor. It offers all key functions on which the entire BelVis software family is based. As a next generation EDM, BelVis acts as a central data hub, as a bridge between process data handling and company-wide data processing, and as a common data basis for complete business processes.

10 good reasons for BelVis EDM POWER

  • Mapping of business processes according to business processes for system operators, contractors and balancing group managers
  • Customisable to your individual requirements
  • For service providers: High number of unbundled clients possible, flexible configuration options
  • Immediate implementation of market requirements, mapping of market communication
  • Time savings due to competent support of all your work processes via fast calculations, clear graphs, automation and elimination of manual work, comprehensive analyses
  • Periodic software updates are included in the maintenance contract and can be carried out in-house by the administrator
  • Investment security based on BelVis implementations in more than 500 companies across Europe
  • Configurable reporting
  • Capability for integration into virtually any IT environment and connection to any data capture and billing systems
  •  Incremental expansion by additional BelVis modules, e.g. for portfolio management, forecasting, optimisation, smart metering.

Support from Extraction to Billing

  • The necessary metering data is gathered from various sources.
  • The data of all market participants can be managed (time series and master data)
  • Time series, processing results, analyses - presentation options for graphs, table views, and reports are provided
  • Time series editing, correction, gap filling:
    Via the mouse, individual time series sections or single points can be interactively added, deleted or edited (move, tilt, or stretch proportionally, etc.).
  • Calculations
  • Aggregation and balancing
  • Forwarding of aggregated data
  • Reports
  • Management of historical data

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