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BelVis PRO opens up the entire world of algorithmic processes for the generation of high quality forecasts for use in the energy sector, and therefore ensures the broad spectrum of tasks in network operation, trading and distribution, the success of which depends on the correct view of the future. The core of BelVis PRO offers powerful processes for excellent result quality at unmatched computing speeds. Due to its easy handling, the user can focus all of his attention on his actual task of turning forecasts into real profit. BelVis PRO offers an invaluable and reliable basis for economically successful trading for load, sales, pricing, and usage profiles.

Key application areas in the energy sector are:

  • Energy sales forecasts for short, medium, and long-term procurement
  • Network load forecasts
  • Wind energy forecasts (EEG forecasts)
  • Price forecasting
  • Forecasts of process variables as input for optimisation systems (BelVis ResOpt)

As a rule, all deterministic variables can be forecast with BelVis PRO, the influencing variables of which are known and forecastable. Various time-related resolutions, physical dimensions and the number of influencing variables are no problem for BelVis PRO.

Configurable aggregation methods can be used for the implementation of top-down and bottom-up forecast strategies in traditional procurement forecasts. Balancing group-specific or customer segment-related forecasts are only two of the available options.

BelVis PRO offers a large variety of methods, which are constantly optimised and expanded. The best suited method can therefore be implemented for any task at hand:

  • Adaptive logic networks (ALN)
  • ALN MISO (Multiple Input Single Output)
  • ANN (artificial neuronal networks)
  • Ensemble forecast
  • Multivariate linear regression
  • Recurrent neuronal networks 
  • Kalman filter
  • Exponential smoothing

The implementation quality of the processes supplies excellent forecast results at very high computing speeds. Some special procedures of the ANN have been patented by KISTERS and are therefore available for additional performance improvements.BelVis PRO go far beyond simple forecasting procedures, e.g. the comparison day method or reference forecasts, which are integrated in the basic system BelVis EDM.

The integration of BelVis PRO into BelVis EDM Power and BelVis EDM Gas creates direct access to all forecasting values and their influencing variables (weather data, incidental data, production schedules, etc.). BelVis EDM as a central data conversion hub furthermore allows the comprehensive automation of the forecasting process:

  • Data import
  • Plausibility check and substitute value creation
  • Forecast calculation and quality monitoring
  • Data aggregation

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