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The boiler is the heart of steam turbine-driven electricity production and home to complex process interactions, and in today's competitive power markets, a relatively small change in heat rate can be the difference between being 'in the money' and sitting idle. The need to minimize costs, maximize availability and enhance operational flexibility is more important than ever. Independently optimizing the combustion and sootblowing processes can leave operational and economic benefits on the table.

BoilerOpt is NeuCo's total boiler optimization software solution that tightly integrates the functions of NeuCo's CombustionOpt and SootOpt and therefore can addresses these complex boiler interactions to consistently achieve the best boiler performance under changing operating conditions, effectively optimizing electric power plant boiler performance to achieve overall unit availability, efficiency and emissions goals. The full set of functionality manages tradeoffs between the combustion and heat transfer processes and identifies any process issues that need immediate attention.

If you would like to take BoilerOpt a step further, NeuCo's ProcessOpt exploits the knowledge provided by BoilerOpt by continuously monitoring key process variables, and helps the plant respond pro-actively on emerging operational issues.


  • Reduces tube failures and slagging
  • Improves heat rate
  • Reduces NOx
  • Minimizes ammonia consumption and slip
  • Improves steam and gas temperature control
  • Reduces LOI and opacity excursions
  • Improves operational consistency

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