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Capital Systems tools help engineers capture function characteristics and connectivity, and develop optimized implementations within platforms. Software, hardware, network, and electrical functions can be managed together in a lightweight environment that allows these disciplines to collaborate easily.

Capital Systems Capture

Describe and verify function characteristics and connecting signals

Capital Systems Architect

Automatically or manually allocate functions and signals to resources and carriers

  • Multi-domain: enables easy collaboration between software, hardware, network, and electrical specialists within a single environment
  • Functional characterization: captures rich functional information without requiring domain specific syntax
  • Semantic checking: maximizes design quality by providing real time consistency checking
  • Rules driven implementation: compresses development time and removes errors by automating functional & signal allocation into platform resources
  • Graphical control: assists designers by presenting diagrams automatically styled to match domain preferences
  • Configurable metrics: guides engineers to implementations optimized against project objectives such as cost, weight, or headroom
  • Flow to production design: compresses development time and removes errors by providing digital continuity with production design tools specialized to each domain
  • Data management: maximizes security and process consistency with powerful features such as user management, release management, and configuration management
  • Integrated applications: removes errors and promotes traceability by integrating with adjacent data sources such as requirements, functional models, and mechanical models

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