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CareTaker is an energy usage management and monitoring tool which regulates your IT systems to help reduce energy wastage, CO2 emissions, and energy costs via the utilisation of set policies. Specifically aimed at creating a greener working environment, caretaker will record all PC activity types from Active to Offline recording the energy consumption and when energy policies were applied to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This data can then be retrieved and viewed through the Reporting Module component of the software in a graphical representation form.

Smart on
Applies automated energy saving actions Standby, Hibernate and Shutdown policies to individual PCs or laptops day and night.

Net Able
Provides an effective and comprehensive toolset to further enhance your network management efficiency.

User Wise
Delivers automated break scheduling and reporting, prompting users to take breaks in compliance with HSE recommendations

Cuts your energy usage by as much as 48% equating to a saving of £50 per PC an reducing your carbon foot print by 14kg of CO2 per device annually

For Service Providers:
Manage multiple clients in one place. Multi-tariff, multi-currency and multi-lingual allows for flexibility and accuracy with clients who may have offices in other countries. The savings in terms of cost and co2 are aggregated up to display the performance overall across the client universe or individually by client. Report on energy performance and carbon footprint across your PC estate globally in real-time.

Intelligent Energy Saving Policies
Intelligent energy saving policies can be defined across the enterprise, per organisational unit, user or computer. With built-in “policy prediction” technology to assess the effects of enforcing a particular policy in terms of potential energy savings.

Cloud-based Management and Reporting System
CareTaker is the first cloud-based management system allowing organisations to both manage and report on their energy saving profile without the need to maintain internal infrastructure.

Multi-OS Support
The CareTaker desktop client currently supports multiple operating systems such as Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 as well as standard Linux distributions.

Display Screen Usage Policy
Enterprise wide policy promoting user breaks for a given period of consecutive computer use, assisting compliance with HSE regulations.

Caretaker API
The caretaker API is an interface for accessing your caretaker account data using HTTP and XML. The API makes it easy to create web, desktop and mobile applications that integrate with your account.

Flexible Organisation Definition
Flexible organisation structure model allows administrators to model any variation of company topology, supporting small SMEs and major multi-national setups.

Offline Mode
Upon losing connectivity, records data locally and batch updates are then made to the service upon restablishing connectivity.

Live Statistics
Live statistics available at any given time to show an organisation snapshot of overall savings, usage, emissions, display screen break compliance etc.

Interactive Reports
detailed interactive reports allow users to interact with the data, supports highlight and zooming functions as well as a variation of chart types.

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