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An interactive online tool that shows potential owners how much money and energy they could save with a renewable energy system.

Reduce customer acquisition costs
Selling renewable energy systems? Let Clean Power Estimator kick-start the sales cycle for you. The simple interface engages your website traffic and qualifies your leads before they hit your desk. Your sales team can now focus their time and efforts on qualified leads.

Increase participation
Managing an incentive program? Encourage website visitors to take advantage of your incentive program by empowering them to discover their unique financial and energy savings.

Simplify complex calculations
Estimating the personalized benefits of renewable energy systems is a complex and time consuming process. Clean Power Estimator does all this work for you in a few clicks and presents the information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Differentiate yourself from the competition
In such a competitive industry, stand out from the rest by empowering your customers to quickly and accurately estimate their savings.

Estimate with confidence
Clean Power Estimator draws on Clean Power Research’s industry leading analytics and nationwide database of residential and commercial electric rates and incentives, along with NREL TMY3 irradiance data, to generate objective estimates that are specific to each customer.

Seamlessly integrate the Clean Power Estimator backend engine into your custom estimating application.

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