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- Version CPMS-F - Continuous Parametric Monitoring Stytem - Flare


The SmartCEMS Continuous Parametric Monitoring System- Flare is a complete system that provides continuous data recording and report generation compliant under the U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 60 for flare sources. The system comes with a data acquisition component and is guaranteed to meet CPMS (PS-17) and U.S. EPA standards for flares. The data acquisition and handling system (DAHS) provides a secure and reliable means of collecting, storing, and reporting compliance data and generating the electronic data reports. The CMC CPMS is an acceptable regulatory solution under the existing and proposed U.S. regulations where continuous parametric monitoring systems (CPMS) for flare emissions compliance are required.

The SmartCEMS Continuous Parametric Monitoring System- Flare is deployed and utilitzes existing or new flare feed flow meters, online continuous gas composition analyzers, pilot flame detectors, and any other critical flare input parameters available in the flare control system or plant historian. The CPMS-F product is configured and installed at the site to provide continuous emission data for compliance with flare regulations. There is no stack testing required for deployment of the CPMS-F product. In some cases, instrumentation is required by local, State, or Federal regulations such as for flare flow rates and flare feed gas composition analysis. The CPMS-F product utilizes inputs from such instrumentation and a first principle formula for generation of complianc emission data.

Continuous Parametric Monitoring System- Flare with:

  • Up to Ten (10) Pollutants Standard
  • Compliance and software guarantee
  • Initial guarantee and support for one year after
  • Development of initial database and calculations
  • Interface to DCS or control PLC for real time data
  • Oxygen Analyzer module (Oz and C02 calculated)
  • Uses industry standards (i.e. OPC, DDE, MODBUS, etc.)

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