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CoDiS - TR Permanent Transient Monitoring System

CoDiS TR - Transient recorder, continuously acquires all the significant signals for behavior monitoring of the target object when transient in the electrical signals (generator currents) occurs. CoDiS TR records waveforms of all measured data (electrical and mechanical signals can be included) for a programmed period of time with pre triggering of 1 s. Recording is triggered by fast changes in generator currents or power grid currents. In addition, all significant signals monitored in vector diagnostic monitoring can be in parallel monitored in transient monitoring. Off line analysis are included as part of diagnostic tools used to detect the nature or the source of created event (Spectrum, power analysis, vibrations analysis caused by electrical faults etc.).

  • Transient detection with vibration signals in addition
  • Power quality
  • Generator load angle
  • Torsion magnetic field stiffness.

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