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With an automated data collection infrastructure in place, you’ve got access to some really useful information which could unlock potential energy savings in your buildings and processes- you just need the tools to understand the data! Here’s where we can help. Everything you need to understand how your energy is used, identify energy saving opportunities, set targets and monitor improvements are available within eSight.

Establish an accurate baseline

Create a realistic energy baseline which serves as a standard against which future changes in energy performance are gauged.

eSight’s powerful analysis tools provide you with the most accurate energy baseline by taking into account up to 10 variable factors that may affect energy consumption, such as production output, occupancy, time of year, temperature etc.

With this established, you can be fully confident in your forecasting and reporting of savings.

Identify Energy Saving Opportunities

eSight visualises energy consumption to clearly identify inefficiencies. Graphs such as the surface mapping of a single meter enable you to quickly recognise and react to unusual consumption, while tools such as Baseload Analysis highlights the energy being wasted during out-of-hours periods.

Features such as League Table Analysis, which ranks sites and departments by their performance, can determine where action needs to be taken by highlighting the less efficient sites.

Monitor Progress

Once you’ve used eSight to highlight energy saving opportunities and taken action, perhaps by replacing equipment, use eSight to continue monitoring progress. eSight keeps a full record of historical data for a direct comparison of consumption once a change has been implemented.

eSight also enables you to continually monitor your performance against a target with graphs which clearly display any deviation.

View data in cost format

Monitor and communicate energy use in a more tangible cost format by importing your rate/tariff information into eSight. Once imported, you can run cost reports, forecast budgets and calculate cost savings, often in situations where you would not have this capability due to complex utility rate schedules. eSight’s Patent Pending Rate Design tool enables rates to be designed as a service, and integrated into the system for you, thus providing unrivalled cost analysis of energy data.

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