Easy-PV Solar PV Designer

Easy-PV is a suite of tools to make designing a PV system easy-peasy. It allows you to easily draw a roof, try various solar panel layouts, calculate mounting kit requirements, find a suitable inverter, select compatible meters and isolators, and do energy output, structural and voltage drop calculations. It also allows you to place an order for the components for the system at the click of a button. It's completely free to use, and it's online - so it's accessible anywhere.

We're installers and wholesalers of PV ourselves, and we originally developed the tools to simplify the job of quoting for our own systems. 

We didn't want to have to struggle through innumerable spreadsheets for mounting components and SAP and loading calculations and several different inverter manufacturer's design tools, we just wanted one simple, easy-peasy process to follow when designing a system. The original tools we developed worked well for our own use, so we've decided to share them with the community to make it easy for everyone.

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