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Whether you’re an Electricity DNO or a Gas TNO, we operate solutions in Energy generation, transmission and distribution sectors.

Based on our world leading software, Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA), ORB has been developed to help Electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) optimise investments, identify efficiencies and support regulatory planning. ORB enables DNOs to trade risk across asset classes, helping decision makers identify the best investment portfolio for the business.

ORB has been built on the foundations of the Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM)


What is CNAIM?

The Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM) was developed by the Great Britain Electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to provide the energy regulator, OFGEM, with a standardised method to benchmark Health Indices and Criticality of assets across the DNO licensees. CNAIM covers a total of 25 high level asset categories with additional defined sub-categories.


Using ORB to meet Electricity Distribution Sector Challenges:

ORB is helping electricity DNOs realise typical efficiencies of between 7-17% of TOTEX budgets by introducing market leading prescriptive analytics to tactical and strategic decision making.


Across the Globe:

SEAMS has completed asset investment optimisation projects for British, European and North American electricity distribution and transmission network suppliers utilising our world leading investment optimisation software, Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA)

  • ORB delivers a proven risk framework for comparing investment decisions – across asset classes
  • ORB optimises asset investment decisions at Asset, Cross Asset and Portfolio level
  • ORB allows the balancing of regulatory and non-regulatory KPIs, rewards and penalties
  • ORB provides flexible, rapid ‘what if’ scenario modelling capabilities
  • ORB can quickly capture bespoke risk models or use the GB Common Methodology


Benefits of ORB for Electricity Distribution:

  • Typical cost savings of between 7-17% of TOTEX spend realised by our clients.
  • Provide Executives with dashboard style decision making tools
  • Defend budgets with a transparent and evidence based solution
  • Quickly understand the impact of different investment decisions – with confidence
  • Benchmark against other electricity distribution suppliers
  • Make best use of available budgets and understand the impact of budget reductions
  • Understand the costs and benefits associated with removing current restrictions – such as bringing in additional contractors to deliver more projects

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