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- Optimisation of Alternative Power System Software


Formulation, evaluation, comparison and optimisation of alternative power system expansion plans.

Programming Language(s)

  • Graphical User Interface (EPSIME) - MS Visual Basic, Version 6
  • Load Dispatch Simulation & Economic Analysis (EPSIM) - MS FORTRAN Powerstation, Version 4. top

Program Authorship

  • Timothy Wyatt (1999 -) top

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000 and XP. top

Software Security

  • Hardware protection device ('dongle'). top

Simulation Time Step

  • Calendar month. top

Generalisation Level

  • Full. top

Input Data Editing

  • PWSC's TEXTEDIT or specified third party editor e.g. MS WORDPAD. top

  • Specific/optional consideration of transmission lines and losses, multiple demand areas, component dependencies, maximum and minimum monthly plant outputs;
  • Detailed modelling of Power Purchase Agreements and Transmission Carriage Tariffs in terms of (monthly) fixed, per MW and per GWh costs;
  • Load dispatch simulations, component scheduling and economic analysis conducted on a monthly basis;
  • Deterministic or probabilistic load dispatch simulation, with optional consideration of hydro plant, thermal plant and transmission line forced outages;
  • Up to 5 hydrological conditions (hydro plant capacity and energy availabilities), and 8 load dispatch blocks (LP);
  • Recognition of differential demand area unserved energy costs and supply benefits (including exports), and hydrological condition related preventive rationing;
  • Explicit separation of investment and operating costs, supply benefits and penalties;
  • Fully annotated input and detailed output files together with comprehensive graphical presentation facilities.
  • 'Mimic Diagram' playback of system development and load dispatch results. top

Optimisation Methods Employed

  • Load Dispatch Simulation/Optimisation : Integrated Load Duration Curve method [Jacoby] or Linear Programming (LP)
  • Automated Expansion Plan Generation/Optimisation : Monte Carlo sampling or Complete Enumeration. top

Related PWSC Software

  • MODESDB - MODES System Database for hydropower plant, thermal plant, transmission line and demand data.
  • Hydro plant capabilities and/or time series derived operating costs can be obtained from SYSIM or AQUARIUS. top

Third Party Software Compatibility

  • Load duration curve demand data formats compatible with WASP III and ASPLAN generation system expansion planning software. top

Systems Applied To

  • Example hydro-thermal system with 5 hydro plants (1 existing), 6 thermal plants (1 import and 2 existing), 16 transmission lines (3 existing), 3 demand areas (1 export and 2 existing). top

Potential Applications

  • Integrated power system development planning. Economic evaluation of alternative IPP proposals. top

Further Developments

  • Automatic generation of input data files from MODES Database. top

Current Availability

  • Demonstration CD. (PWSC installation recommended). top

Indicative Prices

  • Simulation program £POA. Optimisation module £POA. MODES Database £POA. top

Associated Consultancy Services

  • Creation of client system database and input files, installation, model verification, user training and bespoke enhancements.

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