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ExpressMaintenance is complete equipment maintenance software. Designed for rugged multi-user environments, it's affordable and easy to use. ExpressMaintenance automates preventative maintenance and non-scheduled maintenance for any type of equipment. Today, ExpressMaintenance is used in a wide variety of industries. Our customers include large and small companies in 30 different countries. They are manufacturers, schools, hospitals, utilities, municipalities, trucking firms, plants, facilities, airline terminals, energy companies, healthcare, building managers, landscapers, contractors and service firms.

ExpressMaintenance generates work orders, tracks scheduled services (PMs) and manages maintenance history, employee time, downtime, parts inventory and purchase orders.  All of this data combined with our built-in report builder gives you the most powerful maintenance management software available.

With ExpressMaintenance, everything is integrated and flows smoothly.  There is no switching between modules.  Everything is together in one easy to use interface.
So, why waste time and effort with the low-end systems that take unnecessary steps to do the simplest tasks.  Invest in ExpressMaintenance  & ExpressRequest and discover the way maintenance should be.

Once you've examined all the features and benefits of ExpressMaintenance & ExpressRequest download the free 30-day trial and you'll know this is the ultimate maintenance software.

ExpressMaintenance is complete equipment maintenance software that is affordable and comprehensive.  it covers all of the areas you need to fully automate your maintenance department.  Users are amazed just how easy to use and comprehensive our maintenance software can be.  ExpressMaintenance povides complete management and maintenance of assets / equipment as well as work orders, parts inventory, purchase orders and much more.

  • Administration section allows for managing services and tasks, user access, etc.
  • Equipment tracking with fields for every piece of information plus user definable fields.
  • Work Orders  for preventative maintenance and breakdowns with complete notes and tasks.
  • Work Orders include comprehensive notes for tasks details, tools required, etc.
  • Parts Inventory for tracking parts received and used as well as cost and source.
  • Parts received can be entered manually are by using barcode readers.
  • Purchase Orders section allows you to easily generate RFQs and purchase orders.
  • Comprehensive History tracking of all maintenance on equipment.
  • Report Builder includes 122 built-in reports plus the ability to create your own.
  • Complete support includes application help and online Knowledge Base.

Easy to Navigate
From fast navigation tools to consistent data entry screens, Express Technology is known for its powerful yet easy-to-use affordable maintenance software.  ExpressMaintenance  is a perfect example of this standard.  All screens are easily accessible from anywhere in the program through the Navigate Menu shown above.  Users may have unlimited screens open simultaneously.

Easy to Use

All data entry screens are consistently designed and utilize our unique Data Navigator.  Every single button includes a popup hint describing its function.  All date fields include a drop down calendar.  And, comprehensive on-line help is always one click away and specific to the screen from which it is called (context sensitive help).

Flexible and Customizable

ExpressMaintenance  is all about flexibility & customization.  It allows you to define and setup the program to meet your specific maintenance management  needs.  The Administration menu includes numerous screens for defining ExpressMaintenance  features and lookup tables.  In addition to 122 predefined reports and user definable fields, our built-in Report Designer puts complete data searching and reporting at your disposal.

ExpressMaintenance  offers many powerful features and data entry fields you simply will not find in other maintenance programs.  Here are just a few examples:

Utilizes Microsoft SQL Server for secure and reliable database engine

  • Save photos and images of equipment, parts and employees
  • Built-in Report Builder lets you design your own reports or customize any of the the 122 reports
  • Create unlimited sites / locations for equipment and parts
  • Create unlimited categories of equipment, parts and services
  • Create unlimited services, intervals, periods and estimates
  • Associate unlimited parts with each service item (PMs)
  • Include general and safety notes with every service
  • Create and print barcodes for parts and equipment
  • Data fields for devices & valves including type, pressure, connectors, outlet / inlet size, volts, amps, etc.
  • Complete vehicle fields including serial numbers for engine, transmission, chassis, and body
  • Complete warranty and lease data fields
  • Units screen includes fields for everything you need to track plus user definable fields and selection lists
  • Units screen includes tab for tracking & graphing downtime.
  • Quickly review maintenance due and automatically generate work orders with user defined formats
  • Track work orders performed by your staff or work groups as well as outside sources
  • Track parts and equipment suppliers and costs
  • Issue purchase orders and track receiving of parts & inventory
  • User setup screen allows administrator which screens users can access
  • Receive parts by entering records manually or using bar code readers.

ExpressMaintenance will save your company money in the short and long run.  

Now, you will be able to accurately and effectively track scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance on all sorts of equipment and parts.  Here are a few of the benefits you'll see from ExpressMaintenance immediately:

  • Record all pertinent asset information and data
  • Protect and reduce shrinkage of parts inventory
  • Maintain equipment more efficiently and effectively
  • Generate work orders and manage personnel more effectively
  • Track actual and estimated expenses of various services
  • Track safety and general notes on any service with full graphics
  • Track scheduled and non-scheduled work
  • Monitor supplier pricing and know who is the best source
  • Track equipment warranty information
  • Know what services have been performed on equipment with unlimited work history
  • Save time by having services automatically scheduled for you and know when they should be performed next
  • Save time with instant reports and information always at your fingertips

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