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FabEagle®link is a flexible software solution for the integration of process equipments, handling systems and metrology tools in the production IT (Cell Controller Level) e.g. in semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. FabEagle®link is based on our proven object-oriented control and visualisation system VACsuite. The modulare configuration allows the abstraction of a large variety of equipment interfaces to present it to the Production - IT in a transparent and uniform way.

FabEagle®link offers an ideal software platform for the development process, since this tool already provides essential functions of an equipment adapter in the form of encapsulated objects. SECS/GEM interface objects are available for equipment integration in the semiconductor industry. The additional variety of OEM-specific interfaces are supported by freely configurable objects for RS 232, TCP/IP, OPC, field bus or PLC-Interface.

The equipment data are gathered by the FabEagle®link, evaluated and logically linked with other data e.g. Business Logic. A local GUI can also be provided if needed. Object-oriented communications technologies such as CORBA or DCOM and message-oriented technologies like MBX, MSMQ or TIBrv are available for representing the data to plant-specific middleware. There are also database interfaces for ORACLE, ADABAS, or SQL-Server.

Remote control and e-diagnostic functions are included for administration, service and maintenance of integration solutions.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Universal adoption in different fields of application
  • Reduced development cost and time through reusable objects and simulations
  • Extension of the basic functionalities possible
  • Integration of your own objects and functions
  • Connection to APC, SPC, MES und EPT
  • Reuse of existing Business Logic and State Models possible
  • Import of existing configuration possible
  • Efficiency through use of just one development tool in all FAB areas
  • Time savings in integration through internal diagnostics functions

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