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The universal SECS/GEM Interface for any equipment control in the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry. FabLinksuite is the industry-specific interface solution for vertical integration of production equipment in the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry. It implements all necessary SEMI Standards like SECS-II (SEMI E5) with communication over RS232 (SECS-I, SEMI E4) or TCP/IP (HSMS, SEMI E37) as well as the requirements of the Generic Equipment Model (GEM, SEMI E30) such as the Control State Model. FabLinksuite is the shortest path to the SEMI-compatible interface through graphical configuration. FabLinksuite is based on VACsuite and profits from the functional variety, flexibility and graphical programming of the VACsuite development environment.

The variety of process interfaces (OPC, S7-communication, Profibus, CAN-Bus, Ethernet...) also allows existing equipment to be retrofitted - regardless of the hardware platform.

FabLinksuite is a component of the VAC-based product family for equipment controllers such as ToolControlCTC and VMEC - VAC Modular Equipment Control.

Further highlights at a glance:

  • Support of SECS/GEM, PV02 and EDA (InterfaceA)- in one tool
  • Complete GEM and EDA (InterfaceA) communication functionality
  • off-the-shelf
  • Reduce equipment interace engineering from months to weeks
  • Support of various process interfaces (OPC, S7-communication, Profibus, CAN-Bus, Ethernet, XML, ...)
  • Ability for customers to develop their own interfaces for tool integration
  • all available alarms, variables, events, reports and remote commands are easily configurable
  • AIS Automation Dresden provides complete interface integration services from specification and integration, to documentation, testing and commissioning

FabLinksuite V4.5 - The Highlights


  • Generic interface solution for SIMATIC® WinAC® software PLC from Siemens
  • Automated setup of required data blocks for alarms, events etc. within the S7-program
  • Flexible delivery of data in data blocks with the SIMATIC® WinAC® application and the usual development platform of SIMATIC®
  • No additional hardware required as FabLinkPLC can be used on standard PC´s with WinAC® software PLC
  • Fully configurable solution reduces implementation time and cost
  • Proven-off-the-shelf functionality ans guaranted PV02 and SECS/GEM compliance

FabLinksuite V4.4 - The Highlights

FabLink API

  • API for direct integration of FabLink as .dll
  • Easy integration in C#, C++ and other .net languages


  • Implementation of EDA (InterfaceA) as .dll
  • Server and client application supported

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