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- Fuel Monitoring & Wetstock Management Software


Whether you are a retail fuel operator, petroleum marketer or commercial fleet with fuel locations, FuelCloud™ is your total software platform for inventory visibility, automated tank gauge (ATG) monitoring, fuel analytics, and high-definition wetstock management. Offering far more than competitors' solutions for less, FuelCloud allows you to start with the basics and add high-value modules as business needs direct. Unleash the software's full suite of capabilities for continuous auditing and control of every drop of fuel that flows through your system and reconcile your variance to less than 1 gallon per day. No other solution comes close.

  • Inventory Visibility
  • Delivery Reporting
  • Water Volume, Temperature & Ullage
  • Alarm Monitoring & Reporting
  • Compliance Reporting

  • ATG Communication Reporting
  • Date & Time Management
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Remote Configuration Management*
  • Security Alerts/Parameter Change Validation*

*currently available for Veeder-Root TLS model tank gauges

  • Fuel Inventory & Alarm Visibility with Map View
  • Fuel Delivery Reporting
  • Alarm Monitoring & Reporting
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Basic Inventory Reconciliation Reporting
  • Dispenser Flow Rate Monitoring

  • Perfect Gallon Simple Suite, Plus...
  • Predictive Fuel Analytics (Run-outs by burn rate or like days)
  • Dispenser Up-time & Flow Monitoring
  • Meter Throughput Calibration Monitoring
  • Unexplained Loss Reporting
  • Advanced Workflow for Alerts, Alarms & Activities

  • High-Definition Wetstock Variance Analysis 
    (10% tighter than ATG-calculated)
  • Advanced Dispenser Up-time & Flow Monitoring
    (both isolated and under load)
  • High-Definition Fuel Delivery Truck & Terminal Auditing
  • Precision Meter Drift Reporting
  • Real-Time Theft / Unexplained Loss Analysis
  • Blend Ratio Verification
  • Advanced Workflow for Alerts, Alarms & Activities

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