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Greensmith combines our best-in-class GEMS software with unparalleled industry expertise to deliver the world’s most advanced energy storage systems.

Greensmith Energy designs and deploys the world’s most advanced energy storage systems. From grid-scale to behind-the-meter and microgrid solutions, the Greensmith GEMS software platform enables effective and efficient delivery of stable power with unsurpassed performance and profitability.

The traditional approach for managing storage assets is to deploy a plant controller that interacts with the batteries and a power control system (PCS) layered on top of the battery management system (BMS). Greensmith utilizes a software-based plant controller (GEMS) that interacts directly with the battery, the PCS, and the BMS. Benefits include:

  • Battery Optimization
    GEMS is tightly integrated with the BMS to leverage Greensmith’s battery optimization algorithms-extending the life of the system
  • Revenue-Stacking
    Generate multiple revenue streams by stacking applications, dynamically adjust based on market conditions and adapt to regulatory changes
  • Future-Proofing
    Leveraging software-based intelligence, enabling modifications as applications and conditions evolve
  • Fleet Management
    Integrate multiple battery assets into a consolidated management tool. With seamless integration into Distribution Management Systems—battery storage becomes another distribution asset, in addition to renewables

The GEMS software platform, now in its fifth generation, follows the highest performance and safety standards. As a result, deployed systems have achieved 99.9 percent uptime. With storage available on demand, you maximize the system’s lifetime return on investment. Our systems have also recorded a flawless safety record, thanks to a rigorous, two-step testing procedure that begins at our Herndon, Virginia, facility and ends in the field. Greensmith provides full lifecycle support from design and integration to deployment and management so all systems achieve optimal results.

Backed by world-class technical expertise and software innovation, Greensmith has demonstrated solutions for some of the most critical challenges facing utilities: easing demands on aging infrastructure, adapting to a higher penetration of renewables, and improving grid reliability. With the industry’s most tested and proven systems, Greensmith strengthens all links in the energy storage value chain.

The Greensmith GEMS IV platform includes the following key elements:

  • Battery Management System (BMS) which monitors, balances and protects battery cells.
  • Power Management which controls power input and output on demand, both real power and reactive power.
  • Energy Management which supports DESS applications such as peak shaving, renewable integration and load following.
  • Remote Communication which supports TCP/IP based remote control interfaces such as Modbus and Web Services.

GEMS IV is built on an open information architecture modeled after the 'Open Automation Demand Response Standard' approved by the Department of Energy. This event-based asset management architecture easily integrates into any utility framework.

End-users have access to the GEMS IV software through an online web-portal interface. This interface provides users with central control and highly flexible distributed deployment, tailoring DESS groups to specific applications (i.e. frequency regulation, PV load following) while still retaining the ability to centrally control any or all of the units.

Greensmith offers the most comprehensive portfolio of application modules in the industry.

From storage only operating modes to PV/EV integration modes to Frequency Regulation, Greensmith's applications modules provide partners the flexibility to address multiple applications and maximize the economic value of deployed assets.

Grid Applications:
  • Frequency Regulation
  • Volt/VAR support
  • Peak Energy management
  • Renewable integration
  • Load following
Behind the Meter Applications:
  • Demand charge management
  • Microgrid management
  • EV Charge management
  • TOU charge management
  • Back-Up power and smart metering
  • Renewable Integration

Greensmith established roots in grid-scale energy storage. the most challenging market segment. in 2011. We developed a flexible yet robust software platform. the Greensmith Energy Management System (GEMS), to address the industry’s greatest obstacles. Backed by GEMS. now the most widely deployed energy storage management software. our expertise and technology set the standard for quality. reliability. and innovation.

Holistic Technology Platform

Designing. integrating, and deploying grid-scale storage requires deep industry knowledge, as energy storage is a system of systems with great potential for failure if any one piece is out of sync Greensmith has over 100 collective years of expertise in battery and power control systems (PCS). container designs and strategies, and system design and safety. Our solution is built to manage the toughest challenges on the grid.

GEMS: Utility-Ready

The GEMS platform is powering over one-third of all the energy storage capacity in the U.S.. including the most advanced installations. Key benefits include:

  • Seamless utility back-office system integration (including SCADA, DMS, DERMS)
  • Asset management & optimization to monitor storage assets and extend battery life
  • Flexible fleet management
  • Balance of plant integration with HVAC, fire safety, and security components
  • Real-time equipment monitoring
  • Secure access to the GEMS portal with role-based authentication
  • Streamlined operations & maintenance with integrated notification and reportin

Advanced, Proven, Reliable

Greensmith is working with some of the largest and most progressive utilities and utility partners to deliver grid-scale solutions for stability. increased renewable penetration. and aging infrastructure. By doing so. we enable our customers to create new revenue streams and offer new services to their customers.

As complex distributed energy systems that feature local generation and storage to power groups of inter-connected loads, microgrids present a unique set of challenges for grid owners and operators. These electrically islanded systems can operate with or without a connection to the grid. The ability to operate independently assures reliability and resiliency for customers with critical power needs who cannot afford untimely service interruptions. With dynamic energy storage control software, microgrids can take on a high penetration of renewables while optimizing various generation sources to provide the most cost-effective power source and providing stable and reliable power to the grid.

GEMS: Enabling a System of Systems

Operating as a system of systems, energy storage is dynamically managing complex commands in real-time. Like any other system of systems, without the proper control mechanisms, if any one piece is out of sync—the entire system itself is at risk. The GEMS software platform provides the essential architecture for safe and reliable microgrids, while ensuring maximum return on investment by enabling optimal storage system design, integration, and operation.

System-Wide Expertise + Best-in-Class Technology

Greensmith has been successfully designing and deploying microgrid solutions since 2010—with a 100 percent safety record. Microgrids are complex systems, yet they are essential to the evolution of the electrical grid. Our deep system expertise combined with industry-leading technology enables our customers to safely and successfully deploy advanced, resilient, and reliable microgrids around the world.

Beyond Demand Charge Reduction
A successful behind-the-meter energy storage system must be held to the same high standard as any other deployment on the transmission and distribution system. It should have a comprehensive library of control algorithms for demand charge reduction, PV integration, EV charge management, frequency regulation, microgrids, and many other applications. Greensmith’s industry-leading intelligent software delivers advanced command and control capabilities, whether capacity is 200 kW or 200 MW. Peaks in demand, no matter how brief, translate to increased costs—in addition to creating challenges for the grid operator.

Address Complex Demands
Distributed energy resources by themselves may introduce challenges to grid stability, especially where distribution feeder circuits have a high penetration of intermittent PV capacity. Responding quickly to changes in supply and demand to solve these challenges is an essential function of energy storage. Greensmith software supports a wide variety of battery and power electronics vendors to achieve optimal system performance with minimal impact to the grid.
Flexible and Intelligent
More than 30 major customers worldwide are now using GEMS software on both sides of the meter. When deployed behind-the- meter, key benefits include:

  • Demand charge management with optimal reduction of peak load
  • PV and EV integration for maximum energy self-consumption
  • Critical load support for buildings and grid-connected renewable microgrids
  • Enhanced revenue opportunities from demand response programs
  • Wholesale reserve capacity and ancillary service market participation via DER aggregation

Setting the Standard for Behind-the-Meter
Greensmith helped lead the U.S. energy storage market to record growth in 2015, especially behind the meter, where the segment grew fivefold compared to the year before. Regardless of size or location, we offer a robust solution to satisfy the requirements of our customers, regulators, and the grid.

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