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- Lights Out Operation Advanced Software


The Gryphon Dryers provide automated operations to enable hands-free 24×7 processing. Advantages to moving to a 24×7 operating schedule include the reduction in capital costs and a better Return On Investment (ROI) and the reduction in labor required at the site.

Gryphon is among, if not the only, dryer manufacturer with the ability to provide Lights Out Operation (completely operator-free).  When a 24×7 schedule is introduced, the evaporative capacity of the systems increases by 33% over a two-shift operation. Thus, the same capital cost of installation yields a higher daily processing rate. In the case of the majority of municipal WWT sites, Lights Out Operation enables us to reduce the capital cost and reduce mandatory operations staff. Gryphon already leads the industry in cost-comparison. With the introduction of our advanced automation software, we further reduce that cost by 33-50%, depending on your operations schedules.

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