GEOPROTEK Solar Technology

GS LOGGER Commercial Solar SCADA


Commercial Solar SCADA, Support Multi-Brand Solar Inverters Energy Management and Demonstration Platform.

  • Solar SCADA for Presentation, Monitoring, and Remote Management
  • Support Multiple Major Brand PV Inverters
  • Modbus Scan Tool Supports All Standard Modbus Inverter
  • User Defined and Customer Oriented Display Screen
  • Support Statistic Graph Display
  • Support Multi-Pages Display with Photos or Media
  • Support Environment Sensor Measurement
  • Support Power Meter Measurement for Other Renewable Energy like Wind Turbine, Fuel Cell.
  • Support Power Consumption Measurement
  • Support Remote Access and Cloud Portal Management
  • Free App for Mobile Device and Tablet PC
  • Support LED Display or Moving LED Display
  • Generate Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Report Automatically

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