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GT's Acuity™ software is a comprehensive performance management solution that lets operators optimize the performance of GT’sDSS family of crystal growth furnaces. GT's Acuity software monitors DSS production data providing PV manufacturers with real-time insight into actual versus ideal equipment performanc e. By understanding these performance gaps, companies can make more informed decisions to ensure that DSS furnaces perform at optimal levels of efficiency run after run.

Production and process data contain vital information that is critical to helping plant managers achieve the optimum efficiency and productivity of crystal growth furnaces. However, production-related data coming from multiple, independent furnaces is of no value unless it can be organized and properly reported allowing production managers to make more informed decisions that lead to improved performance.

As market conditions continue to increase pressure on lowering the cost of PV wafering operations, understanding how each DSS furnace performs is a critical step toward achieving this goal. Acuity software is an innovative and comprehensive equipment performance monitoring application that puts real-time manufacturing data in the hands of production managers. Acuity software provides a complete factory-wide understanding of all aspects of the crystal growth production line and provides a unified view of data from multiple DSS furnaces in order to make better decisions that lead to lower production costs and increased profits.

Over 17 years of crystal growth manufacturing best practices are built into Acuity software delivering production-ready capabilities right out of the box. Acuity avoids complex and costly customization in favor of simple user-defined configuration settings that can be implemented in days, not months, for faster production start-up and faster return on investment.

  • Factory dashboard
  • Overview dashboard
  • Productivity dashboard
  • Real-time and historical trend analysis
  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Comparative process analysis
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Detailed process performance data
  • Detailed alarm data and remote monitoring of alarms
  • Recipe distribution

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