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The HAKOM TSM Visuals are a powerful tool for visual exploration of large and complex data sets for the analyst The state-of-the-art technology of HAKOM TSM Visuals in the field of Visual. Computing enables completely new visual explorations by simultaneous viewing of

The TSM Visuals were developed by VRVis - Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH - in cooperation with HAKOM Solutions GmbH and Data Scientists from the energy industry.

The VRVis works with the latest findings of research and development in the field of visual computing and has developed an outstanding technology for the visual exploration of large and heterogeneous amounts of data. Simultaneous views of the data enable insights that would not be possible using statistics alone, because seeing is understanding.

In this way, data can be quickly validated, forecast models evaluated or price data checked for suspicion of manipulation. Intuitive and productive, correlations in data are visually recognized.

Due to the integration into the HAKOM TSM Time Series Manager, the HAKOM TSM Visuals are excellently suited for the analysis of data with relevance to the energy industry. The visual exploration of data from different sources is started directly from the TSM. In all areas of the energy industry there is a wealth of highly interesting application areas, which make completely new insights possible through the use of HAKOM TSM Visuals.

TSM Visuals data preparation – create a basis for valid statements:

  • Detection of anomalies, errors etc., without a priori hypotheses.
  • Selection and export of any subsets.
  • Preparation according to almost any criteria.
  • Clustering according to time-structured profiles.

TSM Visuals Exploration – efficient analysis options for the Data Scientist:

  • Gain feeling and understanding for large, complex amounts of data.Identification of arbitrary patterns (e.g. clusters, outliers, trends etc.).
  • Quantification of patterns by descriptive statistics.
  • Recognize and understand contexts.

TSM Visuals Process Development – quality assurance for complex processes:

  • Analysis of variant calculations and black box systems..
  • Interactive validation of models and analysis of deviations.
  • Interactive multi-target optimization.

Simultaneous visualization.

Interactive update of all views in real time considering resolution and many other selection criteria.

High performer.

Billions of data points are displayed by TSM Visuals in fractions of a second.

Energy Dashboards.

HAKOM TSM Visuals users benefit from the know-how of experienced data scientists from the energy industry. Industry-specific dashboards enable new explorative views of data.

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