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Our systems work when the wind blows and wind turbines turn. And even if not. Because regulating and controlling wind turbine generator systems is one of the numerous application cases for our metering information system IDSpecto.

One system, many features – customizable to meet your demands

IDSpecto provides a broad range of functions and features as manifold as our customer's requirements. This is why IDSpecto has a modular concept. Creating individual solutions is easy; our high-performance basic system can be combined with modules, process packages and functions in accordance with your specific tasks . IDSpecto, for example, may help grid operators to guarantee secure and reliable operation of grids. The system may also support meter operators responsible for the management of meters and communication devices as it can be used to simply connect a large number of diverse devices. New functions can be added by means of additional modules if requirements change. So, IDSpecto is efficient, economic and future-proof – and just meets the demands.

A basis suitable for companies of every size – reliable and scalable

Every system's core consists of basic functions that are required for managing the recorded data. These functions not only serve to, for example, evaluate, and qualify energy data from various electricity, gas and water meters that has been collected via automatic meter reading, but also to process data for further use. An audit-secure history and archiving of data enable later reconstruction and determination which value had been valid at what time. Due to the scalability of the system, companies are able to meet present needs and remain flexible to react in case data volume is increased by, for example, further extension of smart metering systems or expansion of business areas.

Close to real life – various interfaces to acquire and forward data

Our Metering Information System is able to both communicate with and capture data of diverse meters, head-end systems and – in the course of a progressing energy transition – even smart metering systems, thus giving you the guarantee that you remain independent of manufacturers and communication technologies to a great extent.

We also offer various interfaces to forward data which can be used to provide processed data to most varied applications and users on the energy market. For example, suppliers may use our interfaces to calculate a customer's electricity consumption in the billing system or to visualize values for information purposes as chart in a browser. Or, to go back to our example given above, you may use our system to forward data to a grid control centre therewith providing the basis to decide on regulations of wind power systems.

You will find some possible application cases for our products in the product overview. In case you have any questions to a specific and concrete application case please do not hesitate to contact our sales department – we are really looking forward to advising you.

Compact or detailed – get the information you require

The process-oriented interface of IDSpecto.DAYOS reliably guides users though upcoming tasks in daily business. In case you, for example, have to create a new control point, required details are requested step by step and data already stored in the database is applied automatically. Thanks to the customizable dashboard, the user gets information about current system status and pending processes at a glance. Even in heterogeneous application environment and even if tasks become more complex and complicated, users stay informed easily and always know what to do. This way, the number of possible mistakes is reduced and processes are accelerated.

However, if you need technical details, you should make use of the wide range of functions provided by IDSpecto.ADMIN. This module provides an interface that can be used to, for example, store technical data of a meter type, set up communication with devices (eg enter telephone numbers, IP addresses, time of reading) or configure interfaces to forward data to other systems.

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