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- Version RDM - Replenishment & Distribution Management for the Downstream Industry


The biggest challenge to deal with when supplying service stations with oil products is timing. When deliveries are made too early, valuable logistic resources are squandered. But when deliveries are made too late, the service station will have insufficient supply and the respective filling pumps will have to be closed. OpenTAS RDM (Replenishment & Distribution Management) offers all the functionalities to optimize and automate the complete service station supply. The integrated complete system covers all the production steps: OpenTAS RDM maps the overall process chain, from forecasting and automated order generation to route planning, supply, reconciliation and invoicing. This leads to higher performance and quality and minimizes logistic expenses.

  • Order Taking
    • Monitoring of service station stock levels
    • Sales forecast (based on historical data)
    • Perfectly timed, automated order taking
    • Takes into consideration opening hours, public and school holidays, day and night fluctuation, etc
  • Planning & Optimization
    • Route plans are compiled intelligently and updated as necessary
    • Personnel and vehicles are employed in a way that minimizes idle times
    • Optimal system support with TDO functionality (Truck Dispatch Optimizer)
    • Orders can be carried out as efficiently as possible
  • Execution
    • Route planning is transmitted electronically to driver's PDA
    • Maximum transparency during execution
    • Control center and driver are updated immediately in case of changes
    • Processing of real-time data: compliance with route plan is always controlled
  • Reconciliation
    • Automatic or manual reconciliation
    • OpenTAS checks, sorts and enriches the data before connecting it to the SAP business workflow
  • Reporting
    • Real-time
    • Wide range of standard reports
    • Additional customer-specific reports can be created

OpenTAS RDM plays its strengths in the automation of processes. When it comes to order taking the integrated OpenTAS ASR functionality (Automated Service Station Replenishment) is unique. The software independently monitors the available service station stocks by resorting to data in the integrated fuel dip sticks. By means of the stocks the ASR module can calculate when, at a certain prior sale, the stocks will be depleted.

Thanks to the TDO module a route plan can be compiled that optimally uses your resources. The route planning is transmitted electronically to the driver's PDA. In this way the driver has an overview of upcoming tasks.

Also during the execution of the order the system offers the customer maximum transparency. The control center is always informed about what is happening in- and outside the facilities. Thanks to the PDA communication the control center knows for example when the driver starts and when he reaches which depot or service station; he can also inform them when he has finished loading/unloading. Thus the control center can react quickly.

  • Increased quality of planning
  • Continuous generation and re-assessment of replenishment orders
  • Smooth execution due to strong integration
  • Minimized drop rates
  • Reduced number of process disruptions
  • Increased customer service level
  • Reduced safety stocks and inventory carrying costs in stations
  • Full visibility = high reactivity
  • Integrated end-to-end landscape
  • Minimized infrastructure costs
  • Less exceptions requiring manual intervention
  • Reduction of human error and effort

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