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If you are in the business of managing your customer’s inventory, SAP SDM / CPR enables you to replenish your customers with product right in time. You can choose from different methods to plan the replenishment, such as calendar-based (fixed cycles) or forecast-based, considering delivery history and parameters like weather data (degree days) or steady usage patterns. SAP SDM / CPR greatly improves customer service because it helps your telephone sales people to be more proactive: they can contact customers with the latest offers just when they are ready to re-order. Contacting customers at the right time will also minimize the risk of your customers ordering from the competition.

  • Forecasting for end consumer business
  • Creates call lists for Telesales agents
  • Creates email campaigns
  • Supports automatic order creation
  • Supports different methods for calculation
  • Increase sales activities

Data from several areas in SAP are taken into consideration by the SAP SDM / CPR forecast run: customer master data, SAP SDM / CPR parameters, storage object (tank) definitions, delivery history, etc. It can be very time-consuming to review a customer.

CAT supports the analyst by providing the means for an efficient selection of customers and save them as queries (canned selections). Once the selected data is presented, the tool provides you with filters to reduce the number of customers for a particular review. From the list of selected customers you can drill down into the details and will be provided with all relevant Forecasting information on one screen.

From the detail screen, the customer’s SAP SDM / CPR forecast logs can be accessed to check results from the SAP SDM / CPR forecast runs. Once the analyst is happy with the result, an update of the SAP SDM / CPR parameters can be triggered from the tool. The analyst can determine the optimal usage factor to replenish the customer in time while remaining efficient to the business. The graphic display also helps to identify seasonal consumption patterns and to determine the optimal delivery method based on time of year.

Over time, you gain a lot of information about the usage patterns of your existing customers and are in a good position to replenish in time. However, every new customer can give you a challenge as you may know very little about their rate of consumption. ISU can be used for mass processing of new or existing customers:

Analysis based on address

Look up customers assigned to the same ZIP-code. It shows parameters such as average tank size and the different consumption factors of the customers.

Analysis based on address and characteristics

Look up customers assigned to the same weather station and with the same or similar usage characteristics.

Analysis based on address and delivery history

This method will generate the most reliable parameters for your planning. Based on historic deliveries, the usage will be checked for correlation with weather data. Depending on the correlation, the parameters to calculate weather-dependent consumption and steady consumption will be determined.

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