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Effective energy controlling calls for intelligent software. The development and the implementation of a long-term and holistic energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 can only be put into practice by using a qualified software. As an experienced software specialist in this field, IngSoft offers an optimal solution for successful energy controlling. The established, web-based software IngSoft InterWatt  assists companies across different industries and public sectors, to optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs and conserve resources.

Energy managers use IngSoft InterWatt as a valuable working basis for an effective and sustainable energy management. The software supports all processes within the scope of energy management. This includes for instance a comprehensive acquisition and analysis of energy consumption data in buildings and production plants. Moreover, the software ensures an automated information flow. This way, persons responsible can keep track of their goals, budgets, measures taken as well as their impact.

IngSoft InterWatt is applicable in many ways. It is flexibly scalable and can be flawlessly integrated into any system topography. It is an optimal energy controlling solution for

  • retail
  • industry
  • utility companies
  • public sector
  • service providers
  • finance sector

A solid tool for extensive collection of energy data

Our energy controlling software IngSoft InterWatt supports all necessary processes within the scope of an energy management. Among others, it collects and analyzes the energy consumption data in buildings and production facilities. Thereby all relevant data sources such as central building control systems and process control engineering, load curves of utility companies, invoices, climate data, manual readings and data from ERP and CAFM systems are used. Out of the heterogeneous data, which is collected at need in 5 minute cycles up to yearly cycles, a homogenous data structure is generated. This allows for a clear overview about the energy costs and consumption of the individual point of consumption. Intelligent algorithms allow for a summarizing or a comparative analysis of any object as well as automatic, target group specific, report mailings. IngSoft provides relevant, reliable information and grants transparency of energy costs and consumption.

Easy working due to a web-based structure

The core part of the system is an internet server, which holds the program logic and the database. A variety of functions is available through any internet browser. For instance, there is no installation or maintenance of the reader’s PC necessary for the collection of meters. Moreover the results can be retrieved via a browser from anywhere. An expert, who is responsible for the meter structures, has access to a locally installed client program, which makes flawless work possible even despite a narrow bandwidth of the internet.

Due to the precise user administration and the clear assignment of user rights in regards to the data availability, editing and analyses, our system provides new opportunities in energy controlling. For instance, service providers can that way analyze the energy consumption of various spatially separated buildings, while other tasks, such as manual readings and the entering of invoice data are handled by the customer directly and on-site.

Challenges in the retail sector

More and more retail companies implement long-term energy management systems in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Challenges, which energy managers in the retail sector are confronted with differ from those in other sectors. Sales areas become larger, opening hours become longer and lighting as well as air-conditioning concepts become more complex. In addition to that, there is often times a decentralized, even nationwide structure. Here, the diverse climates, area sizes, any subtenants and new openings or locational changes must be considered.

Energy controlling for decentralized structures and on-going dynamic

Due to the decentralized structure and the on-going dynamic which are specific for the retail sector, it is necessary to keep the energy consumption and energy costs transparent.Transperency is a must in order to increase energy efficiency in the long-term. For the controlling and reduction of energy consumption and energy costs, an intelligent and extensive software is necesary. Our software IngSoft InterWatt is a central tool for a long-term and successful energy management.

Enormous energy consumption requires consequent energy efficiency

Energy consumption in the industry is enormous. At the same time, the potential to reduce energy consumption and costs is very high as well. By a consequent energy controlling, based on intelligent software, and an increase of energy efficiency, industrial companies are able to reconcile economic and ecological goals and ensure a significant competitive edge.

Energy management considering all relevant data and key figures

Implementing an energy management, industrial enterprises must take into account various data and complex circumstances. Necessary key figures can be related to large machinery, cooling systems, highly complex processing and production plants. But also shift plans and working hours, various building types, such as production halls, warehouses and office buildings must be clearly defined and considered in order to set up an effective energy management. Same applies to various media - electricity, water and gas consumption, pressure and temperature must be measured and controlled.

Generating meaningful energy and production key figures

Our energy controlling software IngSoft InterWatt takes into account all relevant, free definable key facts and figures, for instance in terms of various media, machinery and building types. Our software enables you to combine, compare and analyze a variety of energy and production data in a smart and individual way. This is a significant contribution to an increase of energy efficiency. IngSoft InterWatt helps you to get an overview and keep track of the energy consumption and energy costs, despite the enormous complexity of the production plant. Furthermore it enables you to monitor the optimization measures taken.

Setting a good example for energy efficiency

Utility companies in particular are committed to set a good example for energy efficiency. Many companies in this sector have identified and use energy management services as a meaningful source of added value and an important approach to long-term customer loyalty. Energy management helps utility companies to contribute to an increased energy efficiency and conserve natural resources. This results in a significant competitive edge.

Approaches to increase energy efficiency are manifold. It does not only concern a sustainable and efficient electricity generation, but also a smart use of electricity. Potentials to reduce energy consumption and energy costs can be found in the optimization of organizational procedures, use of efficient technical equipment and also in the combination of conventional and renewable energy sources. The goal is, among others, a CO2-neutral production. Besides an energy management inside the company itself, utility companies are also increasingly making their customers aware of an efficient use of energy.

One flexible software for utility company as well as for their end customer

Our software solution IngSoft InterWatt is the ideal application for extensive and ambitious energy management in utility companies. The manifold and high demands of this sector are flawlessly met by IngSoft InterWatt. This intelligent and openly scalable software not only allows for an extensive data collection considering different energy sources and any building and production objects of the utility company itself. Due to a flexible administrative structure IngSoft InterWatt can also be applied for the end customers’ energy controlling. Our software is applicable in various ways, according to your individual needs and expectations.

Growing interest in effective energy controlling

Service providers in the area of facility management and energy management are asked increasingly more often by their customers foran efficient and holistic software solution for energy management in accordance with ISO 50001. Therefore, service providers are well advised to look into solutions and applications for energy controlling, possibilities to obtain additional qualifications on that topic and extend their portfolio of products and services with the necessary and demanded tools for energy management.

Different application possibilities of IngSoft InterWatt for service providers

Service providers have many possibilities to use and/or offer IngSoft InterWatt. On the one hand they can for instance introduce and recommend the software to their customers as part of their consulting. On the other hand service providers can use IngSoft InterWatt themselves and take charge of their customers’ energy controlling instead.

The multi-client capability, the fine rights management as well as various possibilities of any structure and analysis and the web-based access offer a remarkable flexibility. This again offers many different ways of application and allows for an optimal solution in respect to the individual needs and circumstances of each customer.

Making use of saving potentials without major investments

Many municipalities and public institutions have to budget scarce financial resources. Energy consumption in particular has very high saving potential. Consequent energy management is a good approach to tap this saving potential without major investments.

Optimal energy controlling for decentralized structures and heterogeneous data

Objects in the public sector are as manifold as their use. They include for instance school and administrative buildings, sport facilities, hospitals, libraries, churches and transportation centers. Besides decentralized structures, the available and relevant data is very heterogeneous. This requires a flexible software for energy controlling. In addition to automatic data acquisition, often times manual readings are still common in municipalities.

IngSoft InterWatt is the optimal tool to verify plausibility of data, automate information flow to the highest degree possible and make energy consumption and costs of selected building and media transparent.

Many years of supporting the public sector’s energy management

For years IngSoft has been working with the public sector and therefore knows the specific needs and challenges. Universities, hospitals and many other institutions are convinced of the added value of IngSoft InterWatt and use this software successfully for their energy management.

Intensified efforts to increase energy efficiency

Energy management and energy efficiency are also gaining importance in the finance sector. More and more companies here get involved in environmental topics and projects. Not only climate protection initiatives are being supported, but also specific measures within the companies are taken.

Taking advantage of savings potential by means of consequent energy controlling

Many companies in the finance sector are committed to company-wide environmental guidelines. The goal is to reduce own emissions as far as possible and at the same time increase energy efficiency. These efforts pay off not only in terms of a better company image, but also in terms of a reduction of energy costs. Therefore many players of the finance sector take energy controlling serious and watch their energy consumption data closely and take specific optimization measures as a result of it.

IngSoft InterWatt is an essential tool for effective energy controlling. The variety of applications and the visible success of energy management have convinced not only companies such as Munich Re.

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