- IPMC Suite (Integrated Plant Management & Control)


Improving productivity and cost efficiency is an important focus for plant engineers and managers because of increased international competition. To minimize cost and design time, and maximize equipment uptime, plant software interface needs to  optimize workflow. IPMC Software Suite optimizes your plant's planning, functioning, and operating environments.

Current manufacturing processes flow much more easily with quick and user-friendly Plant Management Software. IPMC provides all the management tools and functions needed to fully manage your plant through an HMI system.

Our suite of powerful software applications increases your plant's efficiency. The problem with many plant management software programs is that they are so complex that they are not utilized to their full potential. The SystemVIEW  IPMC Suite has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, so you can be sure that your maintenance staff will be able to use the system effectively. The application can be set up to offer different levels of access so users access only those features they need to perform their duties.

SystemVIEW  offers truly comprehensive and scalable software products for process monitoring, reporting, and maintenance management. Each module can be used individually or as a combined suite and fit to a facility of any size.

  • IPMC - Integrated Plant Management & Control
  • IntelliSys offers a truly comprehensive integrated approach to process monitoring, information and maintenance management. The IPMC suite of products are designed as individual modules and are scalable to any size facility. When these modules are combined their value grows exponentially.
  • SystemVIEW - real-time visualization
  • ReportVIEW - data management
  • MaintenanceVIEW - asset maintenance management

Avoid the headaches of managing multiple software systems. Use the IPMC Suite to view process data, as a historian for process and laboratory data, and to effectively manage asset maintenance costs.

IPMC is the Simple Solution to Integrated Facility Management

IntelliSys has a 20 year history of providing innovative solutions for facility management. Our software solutions have developed tremendous client loyalty in a wide variety of industrial applications including:

  • Alternative Energy - (solar, wind, biogas, hydro)
  • Building Automation Systems - (HVAC, energy management)
  • Facilities Management
  • Manufacturing & Automation
  • Electric Power - (generation, distribution)
  • Water -(production, treatment, distribution)
  • Wastewater - (collection, treatment, reuse)

Our IPMC Suite provides tremendous synergy resulting in benefits much greater than the sum of the applications. The three main applications have been compared to the numbers on a padlock. When you put them together they open the door to the Digital Nervous System.

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